Samsung Galaxy Gear Review and Price in India

Samsung launched a new smart watch – Samsung Galaxy Gear watch, at the consumers electronics show event at IFA berlin. This is the very first step of Samsung to launch a device which can be worn on your body for various features.

Samsung has done it before Apple brand’s must anticipated iWatch which will operate upon the iOS. So, let us see what Samsung has put worth in this device to attract the gadget lovers.

Firstly let me tell you that this device is totally relying on some Samsung smartphone. You will have to buy a new Samsung galaxy smartphone such as Galaxy Note 3 (unveiled at IFA berlin 2013) or Galaxy note 10.1 (a tablet PC) which have huge price.

galaxy gear price

Samsung has announced that Galaxy gear will be made compatible to the earlier launched devices – Samsung galaxy S4 and Samsung Galaxy Note 2. So, to explore all the features of this watch, you will have to buy a new Samsung smartphone and too an expensive one.

This watch can be connected to your new Galaxy phone with the use of bluetooth functionality or Wi-Fi. Have a brief look on to Galaxy Gear review-

Galaxy Gear review

Design and Looks

Samsung has not only delivered a smart device, which will do many tasks for you without even picking up your phone. Device has the square shaped watch dial having 1.63 inches diagonal display (touch sensitive) which has bezel around it. At a time display can show four icons only. There is a speaker on the strap of the watch and a camera of 1.9 MP module is also been integrated on the strap.


Watch straps come in various colors- orange, black, green, beige, gold and gray. If found the golden color most attractive. The top of the display has a small button on the right side.

How Galaxy Gear works?

So, firstly let me tell you this watch has been packed up with many applications which are useful and remarkable. Tap on the button just once so that watch shows the digital time or enters into the clock mode.

A singles tap on the display anywhere, will thus click a picture for you which is saved in the galaxy smartphone paired to it. In clock mode, just swipe your fingers on the display from bottom to top, which will bring out a numeric keypad to type a contact number to dial a call.

Swipe the display in either of left or right directions, to bring the icons tray to choose different applications such as Line, Media Controller, MyFitnessPal and Logs. Tap twice with two fingers on the display which will bring out a display having the time information along with the weather and the amount of battery left.


One can use the camera of this device as a spy camera. 1.9 MP camera has been placed on the strap of this device with the microphone also. You can shoot a picture in no time which is thus saved on to your paired device.

The camera however does not match the clarity of same on a smartphone. Poor quality images are captured by the camera. But this is just a start, I am just waiting for an Apple iWatch as it is also about to come.

S Voice Application

Google has also put upp the Voice guided tools in this device with the S Voice application, which will thus do many tasks for you by just saying to your smart watch.

I found S Voice really responsive.

Moreover, this watch lets you see arriving emails onto its display. Music can also be enjoyed on this watch.

Galaxy Gear price in India

Galaxy Gear is unveiled at IFA Berlin. Samsung has announced that it will be made available for shipping into various countries from 25 September. US price of Galaxy gear is $299. However, due to changing economy of India, its price in India cannot be decided now. I will update its price in India when it will be made available in India by South Koreans.

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