Apple iPhone 5S VS Apple iPhone 5C [Comparisons]

Apple finally launched the much anticipated technology gadgets under its iPhone’s category. The two gadgets namely Apple iPhone 5C and Apple iPhone 5S, were launched on September 10, 2013 at 10 AM PST in an Apple Press Event held at Apple campus in Cupertino.


So, Tim Cook and his team have launched two iPhone’s in a row which have started shipping from September 20, 2013 in various parts of the world. So, what are the features and specifications of these two devices.

Well I have arranged a very interesting post with their feature wise comparison till the end of the post having the price range comparisons.

So, let us now start with the features comparison.

Apple iPhone 5s and Apple iPhone 5c Comparisons

Design and Looks

As you know Apple brand has always been very keen to provide the beautiful design of their smartphones, the two have got quite good build but the design has much resemblance to the older one- Apple iPhone 5.

iphone5c design

Both have same design with that candy bar shapes to the glass made rears having the side lines in aluminum colors. You can say that Apple iPhone 5S is the copy of Apple iPhone 5 in looks but with new premium colors: Silver, Gold and Space Gray.

5C however is quite colorful, made up of plastic material, with plastic buttons and rear. The display colors (home-screen) also match the color of the rear. So, this device comes in a huge range of colors variety- White, pink, Yellow, Blue and green.

Dimensions and Weight

The dimensions of these two devices vary from each other with little difference. iPhone 5S is 123.8 mm and 5C is 4.90 mm tall. 5S has the thickness of just 7.6 mm and 5c is 1.3 mm thick than the former. So that’s a significant difference.

5S is 58.6 mm broad and the 5C is 59.2 mm in width. The former has weight of 112 grams only while the latter one has 20 grams more weight (although manufactured with plastic). For better build quality comparison you can view this drop test conducted by


Both the devices have no difference in the displays. The duo have 4 inches display having whopping 326 ppi pixel density with pixels resolution of 1136 x 640 pixels.

Display has wide viewing angles and is very crisp. It supports 16 million color bits and thus is very effective.

Connectivity and Wireless

The connectivity features of the two phones are same. They support the GSM, 3G 4G LTE and Wi-Fi options. GPS and GLONASS are the other connectivity options. Moreover, there comes a CDMA version of both the smartphones.

Both the handsets will have now the nano-SIM slot and the lightening connector and port.


Let us firstly talk about the rear iSight camera of both these handsets, which offer a plenty of features. 5S has the 8 MP camera with 1.5 micro-pixels lens with f/2.2 aperture. The camera lens has been covered by sapphire crystal (world’s second hardest element). 5c houses a f/2.4 aperture camera lens covered by sapphire crystal with the 8 MP module.

The rear camera features which are same in 5S and 5C are hybrid IR filter, auto focus, tap to focus feature, face detection, panorama, photo geo tagging and back-light illuminated sensor. However, auto image stabilization and the burst modes are two more additions to that of iPhone 5s’s bag. Moreover, 5s has true tone flash and the 5C has the LED flash.

The front cameras of the two iPhones are having 1.2 MP modules with the pixel resolution of 1280 x 960 pixels. They have BSI sensor too like the rear camera and support 720 pixels video capturing support. Moreover the front cameras of both these smartphones work for Face-time video chatting.


So, the Apple developers have introduced a new iOS of version 7 in Apple iPhone 5S and the 5C boards the older iOS 6. This is a major difference between the two.

However, the software’s of both iPhone’s have same touch assistant and SIRI (voice assistant) applications. Want to open up and see the hardware components equipped in both these hand sets view this tear down test by

Processor and Sensors

The two iPhones differ majorly on the processing quality. 5S has the new A7 chipset which is based on the 64 bits architecture and has been used very first in a smartphone (iPhone 5S). Moreover, an M7 chipset has been integrated with it, which thus does not wake up the A7 chip when some health related applications are run.

iPhone 5C has the older A6 chipset with some improvements from the older iPhone 5.

Apple goes with another new feature in the Apple iPhone 5S, which is the Touch ID, which thus unlocks the iPhone 5S with fingers of its owner only. However this feature misses from the iPhone 5C. So, Apple iPhone 5S has got a new sensor namely fingerprint identity sensor.

iPhone 5s vs iPhone 5c Video

Price in India

Apple iPhone 5S and Apple iPhone 5C have different price ranges. I have provided a list below:

  1. Apple iPhone 5S 16 GB price in India is not Announced officially , Bookmark this link for updates.
  2. Apple iPhone 5S 32 GB price in India is ——————-
  3. Apple iPhone 5S 64 GB price in India is ——————-
  4. Apple iPhone 5C 16 GB price in India is ——————-
  5. Apple iPhone 5C 32 GB price in India is ——————-

So, there is quite a big difference in their price ranges. You can now make out and choose out the respective variant features and price of whatever device you like.

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