Apple iPhone 5C Price in India with Review

Apple iPhone 5C is new launch with the launch of the Apple iPhone 5S in an Apple event at Cupertino. Apple iPhone 5C has the star part of its unique colors, which are rented from that of Nokia’s Lumia series smartphones.

iPhone 5C price in India

The price of iPhone 5C has been dropped as a bomb shell on the Indians. It will come around Rs.35000 in India.

Since, the tech enthusiasts were playing their guessing games till 10 September (the launch day of new iPhones), they had the major guess of iPhone 5C with C named from Cheap and the body made up of polycarbonate plastic material.

Some of their guesses became true as the Apple introduced plastic body with uni-style glossy rear and sides. However, I think that Apple has kept the code C relating to the Colorful word as the iPhone C has many colors variants – Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Pink and White.


Let us look inside this handset more deeply by reading its review.

Apple iPhone 5C Review

I have used this smartphone and spotted out the main things which are shared in this post. So, have a look.

Design and Looks

The design of the phone is changed from the glass-material used from the Apple iPhone 4. However, it has the plastic polycarbonate body which is glossy and is finger print addictive. Moreover, this smartphone loses the hand’s grip very soon.


Apple has also introduced new cases which are specially designed for this handset (sold separately). However, I spotted that dotted design very odd. It would have been better if the dots were removed. The colors of these iPhones are very eye catchy and are too bright. Sometimes they can be mis-understood as a toy.

It has small change in its dimensions from its predecessor- Apple iPhone 5. 5C is having 124.4 mm length, 59.2 mm wide and 9 mm thick. So, the thickness is increased in this device which kills the feel of a premium device.

This device has good build material and is robust when compared to similar kind of plastic smartphones- Samsung Galaxy S4.


The phone is heavy too with 132 grams. The display size is of same quality as that of iPhone5 with LED backlit IPS LCD capacitive retina based quality.


Apple iPhone 5C comes with many connectivity features. It has variants (models) based on its connectivity features. Some support GSM, UMTS and 4G LTE. Some have the support of CDMA 2G and CDMA 3G bands with LTE. The model ranges are A1453, A1456, A1507, A1529, A1532, and A1533.

The lightning connectivity port is placed in this device too which is on the bottom alongside the 3.5 mm audio jack. The right side houses the nano SIM slot (which could have been the micro USB SIM slot for reducing the cost further).

iPhone 5c price in india


iPhone 5C is currently available in 16 GB and 32 GB variants based upon the memory. 1 GB RAM is also there to serve as the random memory of the device.



The same iSight camera lens has been placed in 5C which you had seen in the iPhone 5. So, there is no upgrade in its camera quality. It has the same rear single LED flash. You will have to use the same features- hybrid IR filter, geo-tagging, face detection, panorama and others.

The front snapper is also the same- 1.9 MP which is used to take self-portraits and in video calling, which Apple calls the FaceTime calling. Front one can capture videos in 720 pixels but rear one can capture videos in 1080 pixels.

iOS 7 and Processor

iPhone 5C and 5S bring in the new Apple OS- the iOS 7 with many new features and upgrades to its previous one. iOS 7 has put in the same color of the exterior’s of your colorful variant. So, 5C has been made all with the same color (inside and outside).

You will notice a new unlock feature with the slide bar replaced with a new text lock screen slider (Looks same to lock screens of Android v4). You can also open up directly into camera app from the lockscreen. The app tray is the same and the panes can be browsed by sliding from left to right or from right to left.

We have noticed (even you will notice) some changes in the notification tray. Pull down the notification tray and you will notice three panels- Today, All and Missed. A new feature has been added into its software to open the control panel directly by swiping up from the mid of the screen. So, this control panel has the shortcuts for Wi-Fi, Flight Mode, Bluetooth, Night Mode, Air Drop, Music Control and much more.

I have arranged a video review of iOS 7 as below:

The processing part has got no modifications. The Apple A6 chipset with the 1.3 GHz dual core processor is used in this iPhone which thus gives same performance like iPhone 5. PowerVR SGX triple core graphics GPU is placed in on the other hand.



iPhone 5C has slight rise in the battery power. It has Li-Po no-removable battery having 1510 mAh battery due to which the phone gets heavier than the older one.


The iPhone 5C is for the new comers and it should not be bought by the existing Apple customers. People having iPhone 5 can update their software to iOS 7.

Moreover, it is just cheaper than its premium companion Apple iPhone 5S but is not cheaper than the bigger sized and higher speculated Android smartphones like HTC One and Nokia Lumia 920 (which are cheaper)


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